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Ametek Water Filters was the previous name of Pentek Water Filters.  Ametek is no longer used as the brand name in the water filtration industry.  So all of the old Ametek systems can be serviced with replacement water filter cartridges, reverse osmosis membranes and RO system parts from Pentek and Pentair Water Filters. Pentair will replace the Pentek name.


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  1. Pentek ECP50-10 Replacement Water Filter #255484
    Pentek ECP50-10 Replacement Water Filter #255484

    The Pentek ECP50-10 #255484 Sediment Filter is a 10 inch water filter cartridge replacement made of pleated polyester cellulose that provides high flow rates while removing sediment, dirt, sand, rust, silt, limescale, and other particulates from water. This Pentek sediment filter replacement is generally used as a whole house sediment filter because it features a high flow rate at ten gallons per minute (10 GPM), though it can also be used as an under sink filter. The Pentek ECP5010 sediment filter has a 50 micron rating which is noted by a yellow end cap.


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