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Hague Water Filters ®

Hague Water Filters ®

Hague Performance Compatible Replacement Water Filters & TFC Reverse Osmosis Membranes - 5 Stage System

3 vertical filter housings, one top mounted horizontal inline GAC carbon post filter and one top mounted standard size

horizontal RO membrane housing. The system uses quick connectors at all connection points. See how to use quick connectors.

  1. Aquatec Permeate Pump ERP-1000 For RO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
    Aquatec ® Permeate Pump ERP-1000 For RO Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
    Aquatec ® Permeate Pump - The Aquatec ERP-1000 permeate pump is a turbine pump that uses the pressure of the waste water to pump the product drinking water into the storage tank. This protects the membrane from the back flow pressure of the tank, maintaining maximum osmotic pressure at all times. Great for low pressure applications. • Increases product water purity • Increases pressure and flow to the faucet • Saves up to 3/4 of inlet water • Up to 30% more tank pressure • Faster tank refill recovery • Increases filter and membrane life • Requires no electricity • Mounting Clip Supplied. Order the optional auto shut off valve that triggers at 90 percent rather than the standard 66 percent of tank pressure versus incoming line pressure. While the permeate pump works fine with a standard 66 percent auto shut off valve, the 90 percent valve increases storage capacity of the tank and increases initial pressure from the faucet. Will not install on most manifold systems such as Hydtrotech and Water Factory.
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Be sure to check our Parts Department for important parts such as TDS Testers For Reverse Osmosis Membranes, Replacement Tanks, O-rings , Filter Housing Wrenches, Faucets, Pumps, Fittings, UV Systems and more parts for your reverse osmosis pure water filtration system.   View maintenance and servicing tips online at our Installation & Trouble shooting Guide.