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PuroTwist "Q" Series Water Filters ®

PuroTwist "Q" Series Water Filters ®


PuroTwist ® Reverse Osmosis System Q Series Replacement Water Filter Cartridges, Reverse Osmosis RO Membranes, DIY Replacement Parts and HELP Guides.

PuroTwist PT000 Under Counter Filter System and PT3000 and PT4000 PuroTwist Reverse Osmosis Systems



Easy TDS Membrane Performance Calculator
See If It is Time To Replace Your Membrane

Simply enter your Feed Water TDS and RO Water TDS into the boxes above and click "Submit". The percentage of TDS Rejection will be displayed. We normally recommend membrane replacement once you drop below 75%. This may vary in areas with high TDS in the feed water.

See our selection of TDS meters under Water Tests

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